breathing tape question

Thank you Scott , And to think my mom bought a book on 'FLOW' when I was a kid , and I pretty much ignored it ! Going to find it when I visit in Sept. and go over it in detail . I was doing well on your reply , until I got to :" ...the embrace of anxiety as a tool, of seeing nothing but "pure energy" as every moment of our lives as an act of deepening our practice. "I can't seem to get the words in that phrase to flow . Almost like a word is missing or something *S* . It does , as a few things you have said , have a 'Zen'-like quality to it . Honestly , the 'pure energy' has got me baffled a little .Var

Thanks scott I will read the article.
Another question my wife and I practiced the first few movements. My wife got a sore throat on the hard exhalation series(sorry I can't recall the technical name). Is this normal? Is it something she was doing wrong? Once we gain more experience in it will it cease to have this effect?

*thinking reallly hard*

I'll post something almost intelligent tonite . Taking my wife to dinner in a few moments *S*



That's a lot of food for thought.

You can be sure that I'll be back with more questions in the future.

Thanks again


Will there be any difference in the doing the exercises in the 3 different positions (standing, on my back, on both hands and feet)? Should I just stick with one or use some combination of the 3?

Thanks again.


Scott ,I believe I see why boredom might be considered one of the poles in the PPS , but could you elaborate on why it is polarized with 'anxiety' . I'm not sure I understand the type of anxiety you mean . Do you mean the anxious feeling associated with 'challenging' oneself with a new activity , or further exploration of this activity ? *confused*Thanx , Var

I just got your tape and would like to try the program you are suggesting to Marco.Scott could you please explain the "control pause" after exhalation.



Are ya out there???

If you're to busy for an in depth post right now that's cool... just let me know.



I received the breathing tape a little over a month ago and I have been experimenting with and working on most of the exercises.

However, I am unsure as to what kind of routine I should follow with the exerecises.

Is there a reccomended routine for beginners? Or maybe a more advanced routine that I would gradually work towards?
Thanks in advance.



I consider myself a recreational grappler (I grapple only for fun, not for competition) who has dabbled a little in self defense.

My general goals are increased energy, not only in grappling, but in ordinary, day-to-day life.

I have done more traditional, "cardio" programs, but for a while now they have seemed inadequate. I could be wrong, but they seem to enable me to sustain inefficient breathing for a longer period of time instead of helping me breath more efficiently.

Hmm... looks like I got a little off topic.
Anyway if you need me to get a little more specific let me know. Thanks again for your help.



You probably need me to be more specific. I'm not quite sure what aspects to expand on.

I don't have any really specific things in mind like competing in a tournament, running a race, etc. My goals, as stated above, are overall increased energy and efficient breathing(especially in grappling).

Let me know what kind of info would help you help me.