breeding crickets

i tried to keep them in a boxing thinking that they can handel them selves. but like 3days later they all died. how do i breed crickets so i don't have to go to the pet store every week?

Cricket Breeding is a large scale, time and labor intensive undertaking. It also is olfactorily unpleasent to put it mildly. It is truly cheaper to buy crickets in bulk. I buy mine from Grubco when I am buying them.
If you truly wish to attempt breeding them you need to purchase five or six thousand them into deep sided containers with adequate ventilation, bottom of containers should be humus/soil mix at least two inches deep, place about one thousand crickets per container, females will begin to ovodeposit almost immediately. If you use clear rubbermaid storage boxes as the containers (obviously need to modify the lids for circulation of air) you will actually see the cricket eggs. After about six days, feed adult crickets off (need I say that they should have been fed quality diets?) incubate rubbermaid trays...and be ready for the pinheads....they will be everywhere