Brencess Kamaka born today!!!

I just wanted to share with my friends out their and the MMA community that I was blessed with a BABY GIRL today.

Brencess Kimberly Kalei'anuenue Kamaka (6lbs&2ounces)

Also I would like to mention she is named after my two sisters who all my life was their through bad and good. I'm thankful that gave me two BEAUTIFUL, STRONG LOVEABLE sisters

Kimberly- Kim Jhun wife of Machine Gun

Kalei'anuenue-Monica Cooper hawaiian name wife of Ray Cooper

I love you both with out you guys I don't know what I would do!!!!

Congrats dude!







Zuffa, make it happen!!!!

errr um... I mean

Congratulations. I'm glad all is well with you Brennan.

Despite being a royal pain when we are kids, sisters truly are a gift :-)

Thanks Guys!


Congradulations Brennan!!!!!!!!!!!!

TTT congrats..


Congratulations Brennan.

ps - please hit me with an e mail. My wife Connie is coming to Hawaii at the end of the month to put her sister to rest. I would like to schedule a meeting to talk about cross promoting. I will put your guys in our show here in Lake Havasu Az. and you can put my guys in your show.

Best wishes,

Chuck Costello
XCF promotions

Hau'oli la hanau Brencess!

Congrats bruh!

Congratulations... I hope all is well with you and your entire family.

Brencess??? Brennan + Princess??? :)

Congrats Brennan


Warmest congratulations man!