Brendan Schaub Trashes Goddard for Bad Refereeing

Brendan Schaub to Goddard "do you know how Fucking_hard it's to get mount vs Poirier"

He gets worse every week......

A foul is a foul regardless of position.. "it's not my rule, but I have to call it!" was the perfect response from Goddard 

2x 12-6 elbows

1x cage grab 

1x hooking the ear

Worth a stand up. 

And Dustin had just escaped the same position earlier in the fight.  Alvarez would've had to create space to do damage giving Dustin a chance to escape again.  The foul did not cause the outcome of the fight

Brendan was off on this one, saying there was no warnings prior to 12-6 elbows

He should have taken a point from Eddie.