Brenden Shaubs lip filler and botox



His lips say no more white privilege

Nigga tried to get his honey from the source! Ole Winnie the Pooh face ass!

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I didn’t know men getting lip filler was a thing. I feel like a giant faggot for even having this knowledge.


a real gringo papi

What the literal fuck did I just see

I remember when fighter and the kid was hilarious when they started I even bought the video series they did and it’s hilarious… I stopped listening years ago cause its just God fucking awful

Shaub is terrible. More than ever now.

Just terrible.


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Literally everyone says the same thing. He’s a talentless idiot.

HOW did he get his own special? I am missing something here

Brian Redban is funnier than Shaub and all he did was ride Rogan’s coattails.

He produced it, used his own crew to film it with his own cameras and uploaded it to youtube.

Schaub has become unbearable.

Figure I’d just leave this here in case people haven’t watched it.