Brennan Kimura DVD question

I'm interested in Chris Brennan's kimura & keylocks DVD. I have read good reviews about it. I already know how to apply the kimura & keylock from a lot of positions(ie. side mount, half guard, guard, mount etc). What is so good about this DVD? Why should I get this DVD?


In general, if you want to learn as much as you can technique "X" and what makes it work against good opponents, I think it makes sense to learn it from a guy that has really mastered technique "X" and knows what it takes to set up and finish the move.


I really like this instructional. Chris is a really good video instructor and the quality of the filming is great (moves shown from different angles, sound, etc).

Chris shows set ups into the kimura from a variety of positions..when your partner has your back, side control, from the guard, and he shows some counters to the kimura that end in submissions.

He shows a few really cool moves from the guard. They involve a situation where you are in the guard and have your partner in a kimura, but you either allow your partner to get side mount or they transition on there own.

I also have Chris's Passing the Guard tape, which I can't say enough good things about. I have a ton of instructionals and Chris's are right at the top. His teaching and techniques are great.

Hope this helps.


Yeah, I've heard that Chris has good no-gi guard passing tapes.