???Brennan vs.Shields????

Just a thought.This could be a good fight in Pride Bushido.

long time discussed

Would be a good fight for sure!


If there is bad blood already then this would be a great fight to sighn.It seems of late that both fighters are building grear names for themselves.I would love too see this fight.

Sheilds by RNC

What is RNC

Rear naked choke

Thanks bro.Guess i am retarded.What about it would you fight him.

Brennan via kimura rnd1.

Shields by easy submission LOLOLOLOL.....I would bet my house that would never happen...not remotely close!!!!

Nothing against Shields, but his only chance would be a LnP decision. If he truly engaged on the ground he would get submitted.

shields would never be able to tap brennan

Brennan didn't tap Gil because Gil was only interested in doing the old Slap n Nap!

If Gil came to fight Chris would have tapped him.

Why didn't Gil tap me? That was a smuch his responsibility as it was mine...

Jake has become a great fighter. I have watched him improve a lot in the last few years. I don't know if he uses it in fights but he is good.

I know one thing for sure, he wouldn't submit me and I am almost positive the guys at Cesars don't think he would submit me either. He has a good chance of winning the way he fights but to submit me is a whole different story.

Would love to see this fight go down...

would be either an exciting win for chris or a boring win for shields. either way there are much better fights to think about for both guys.

I dont want them to fight. I used to hate chris but he has become like a father to me now.