Brent Barry....

got OWNED by Kevin Martin on that sick assist to Songaila the Savage.

Kevin made him go knock kneed trying to stop the feed but it was too late. lol I kinda feel bad for him. I've seen it on Sportscenter like whoa!!!! hah

yeah that was behind the back and through the legs lol

hehe, just plain sick.

Absolutely the most ridiculous pass I've ever (yes, EVER) seen. Sick, sick, sick, sick, SICK.

RIP, Brent Barry's self-respect :(

No look, behind the back, between the legs of the opposing "defender?", for an assist.

lol, and LOL @ EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!

Bah!! lol @ the Rockets comparison. That's just wrong man. heh

Rockets beat the Kings if they match up in the playoffs, imo.