Brett Rogers To Face Winner Of Shamrock-Slice beat us to the punch within seconds but here is a little update on what the future holds for our good friend "Grim."


Bret Rogers DESTROYS either one....I think Kimbo will "win" versus Shamrock

I hear Ken is training with Greg Louganis for this fight.

he a hater

'if' kimbo gets by ken then this fight is realistically about 9 months away. years of prep with bas should have him be able to compete with rogers. rogers has beaten tougher comp, but kimbo has 'bigger' fights as far as hype and did not seem fazed. rogers seems to pump a lot emotions. and we also know that kimbo wont fold. thompson had him in a bad position. he's tough and wont crumble easy he and rogers will be a barn burner

 I`m going to be watching this fight very closely.I would not put it passed Ken to collect a "bonus" check for a favorable outcome.  

 Wow just wow.  I understand Elite is in financial trouble, and Ken Shamrock could definetly gather some interest.  But this is just sad.  It is going to be another mockery of MMA on CBS.....


They will fight if elite doesn't go under before then.

 He a hater...

Rogers is not fighting Kimbo anytime soon. I talked to a matchmaker at Elite XC and assured me there is no chance of that fight happening.