Brett Weinstein & Dr.Pierre Kory on JRE

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My wife worked with Dr. Kory at BI in NYC… He was also her pulmonologist… She says he’s brilliant and a great guy… I know… Cool story brah…


Uh oh

Terminated Spotify contract in 3… 2…


For all the hate Rogan gets, we’re still lucky he’s out there, and protected by his contact with spotify. You just know all the establishment scum are freaking out that he’s putting this information out to his massive audience and they can’t just silence him. Will be fun to see all the misinformation propaganda attacks that follow this episode.


Will definitely watch this one!

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I like Brets podcast with his wife


I’m half way through it.
It’s pretty informative, and there is a lot of info these two are dropping, and frankly it’s a big contrast to the accepted narratives.


Weinstein has been bringing up big tech censorship regarding ivermectin. It’s pretty fucked up what they’re doing.


These are some of the topics (successful covid treatment analysis and big brother tech censorship) that get content-providers flagged on YouTube quite often. It will be interesting to see what happens when a few clips are posted from this segment.

Oh boy, the Spotify Staff Safe Space will be packed after this one.


Wow, this podcast episode is particularly damning of YouTube, enumerating very concise evidence. It’s not surprising, it’s been obvious for a long time, but this is very specific.

It looks like no clips from this episode are going to posted on the JRE clips channel. I was interested in what would happen, but I guess Joe knows better?

But but but…he’s a sell out! I can’t pretend I’m one of the few smart enough to discover this underground podcast!!!

Yeah, disappointing.

YouTube demonetized Weinstein’s channels today. It’s pretty crazy. Rogan played it very safe (a person might say, cowardly) and didn’t post anything from this episode on his YouTube channels. I wonder if YouTube would have the balls to demonetize or de-platform Joe. They probably do.

YouTube just demonetized both DarkHorse channels, wiping out more than half our family income. Their message: Drop the science and stick to the narrative—or else.

No, YouTube. Review *this* video.#CensorshipKills, belts tighten, incomes can be replaced

— Bret Weinstein (@BretWeinstein) June 29, 2021


Anyone know if ivermectin is over the counter or does it require a prescription?

any way to listen without signing up for spotify?

This is a good point. If Joe was still with youtube, he would not have been able to do this podcast.

What would be the point in posting it on the youtube channel if they are just going to take it down? I think it’s unfair to say Joe is being cowardly. The fact he even addressed the Weinstein situation much less held an emergency podcast shows he’s not subservient to the corporate message. There will be much REEEE’ing with the Spotify employees over this.