Brian Bowles Behind-the-Scenes

If you would like to get a behind-the-scenes look into Brian Bowles' training as well as his life inside and outside of the cage as he prepares for his UFC fights then go to Enjoy.

Rory Singer


Hi Rory.


Thank you Kirik.

New videos going up all the time. Check it out. Stay on the list for upcoming special events and contents. Thank you for your support.

Head over to the sight and sign up for your behind the scenes access and be eligible to win a FREE One-on-One session with Brian Bowles followed by lunch with him and his coaches. Go there now :-)

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Are fat, out of shape bastards eligible for the training? :) Phone Post

Is brians training camp called the funky bunch?


Not his camp but his training partners go by that in the underground topless dancing circuit.

5 for fighting,

All are eligible as long as you win the contest.

Only a few more weeks to go until Brian fights Urijah. Get on the list now so you can be eligible for a FREE One-on-One training sessions with Brian himself.

Awesome! TTT for a healthy Brian & a great fight!

ttt for rory and brian. any chance to train at hardcore is a great opportunity

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