Brian Geraghty, Nick Thompson,and

Talk to TUF 5 competitor Brian Geraghty, UFC veteran and Bodog World Welterweight Champion Nick Thompson, and UFC veteran Eric Schafer.

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into the forum and post your questions.

Its also a brand new MMA website. So any feedback, suggestions, or constructive critisizm is welcome.

Are the paleness of all 3 fighters going to affect my computer screen?

Yes, the brightness on your moniters will most likely have to be turned down. I appologize for the inconvience.


I almost forgot, you can also talk to UFC vet Dave Strasser about the Freestyle Combat Challenge, and UFC vet Ron faircloth and Pat O'Malley about the Madtown Throwdown.


Brian Geraghty has the best tan of all of the before mentioned fighters show cased on your site! 

Since the Goat is king of all that is pale, he will choose who joins his kingdom. Mark and Red, you have a free pass. You are just too pale to exclude.

ttt brian is awesome

ttt brian is awesome

ninjaturtle2048, He had nothing but good things to say about you. Great job on the show so far.

Sweet, I'm so glad I didn't hit that tanning booth and get my bright red burn on. Palefighters4life!

paleness is a by product of living in Wi, I used to have a healthy glow. 4 years after moving here I now can see my veins and internal organs!

Great site with some good interaction with some of the best characters in the game. TTT for Thompson, Quad D, Faircloth, O'Malley, and anyone I am leaving out.

Wardog is all knowing all seeing!!!

TTT Wardog.

He sees the world differently through his brown eye........or is that his third eye?

TTT 4 the Pale Army.


TTT for Brian