Brian Johnston at Universal Vale Tudo 5 (1997)

theshooter - "I always thought Brian Johnston was underrated. He was tagging Don Frye decently in their fight and was a physical beast. Good hands, good kickboxing, good judo, OK wrestling. Very well rounded."

I totally agree. I thought that Brian Johnston had the potential to do a lot better than he did. He left MMA for New Japan Pro Wrestling with Don Frye, but he was still training MMA and was set to make a comeback to MMA before he had the heart attack.

I met him in person before he had the heart attack, and then again after he had the heart attack, and man was it sad to see how much he declined. Prior to the heart attack, he was a tough looking dude. He was 6'4" and athletic and strong looking. The heart attack obviously didn't take his height away, but he looked a lot weaker and walked with a limp. It was a damn shame to see a guy who should have still been in his physical prime get struck down like that.

That's because he had a stroke not a heart attack.