Brian Johnston

I just watched his ufc 11 fight against Reeza Nasri. Man, that was one vicious mother fucker! Anyone know how he is doing these days? I thought I heard a while back that he was progessing really well.

I think he is recovering from the stroke he had last I heard he was getting better.

good to hear

I heard Reza nasri has been training at BHJJC.

I make it a point to talk to Brian at every WEC & IFC show.He is doing really well,his speech has improved some.He has gotten his drivers license,and is getting around without a cane now.His clothing line is doing well,and now he wants to look into the motocross racing market for his products.

Brian was at the last IFC in Lake Tahoe at Caesars Palace on Jan 31st.

I had no idea that he had a stroke. unbelievable that someone in that good shape could have that happen to them-I wish brian the best of luck in making a full recovery.

What does his clothing line consist of ? I'd be interested in buying if the look was good.

I have seen shirts,sweaters,beanies,hats and fight shorts.They all say.......PAIN INC.

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I remember when he used to bost here all the time. It's good to hear The Fury is doing better.

Peter P

Very happy to hear he's doing well!!

Thanks crowbar.


That picture of Don Frye wearing his gear is not the only thing Brian has for sale.His stuff also comes in different colors.

And your welcome......

I am not an authority on the subject and I hope this is not out of turn, but it is my understanding(from a neighbor of his folks) that Brians dad died from a stroke in his forties, so Brian may have been genetically predisposed. Again, this is second hand info, so please take it as conversation, not reference.

The MMA and prowrestling may have contributed in some way, but who knows?

It is proof of the warrior within though that impresses me. After the stroke, doctors told Brian about things he would never do again that he is doing NOW.Some people accept the hand they are dealt. I think Brian is not one of those. He's made of tougher stuff.