Brian McLaughlin To Strikeforce!!!

AMA Fight Club is very Proud to Announce that Brian McLaughlin was recently signed by Strikeforce to a 3 fight deal!

Brian is a VERY talented BJJ black belt and is an accomplished competitive grappler as well as being 6-1 in MMA including winning 2 Championship titles: The Ring of Combat Beast of the Northeast Tournament Champion & the Sportfighting Light weight Champion.

This signing now gives AMA Fight Club 6 Fighters in the UFC & 3 In Strikeforce!!!

Mike Constantino

congrats to Brian. He deserves it.

dcvillain - congrats to Brian. He deserves it.


 I hear he is decent

Congratulations to Brian! He's come a LONG way since I first met him as a 17 year-old Blue Belt at NYMAG. =)

Very well deserved...I'm really happy for him!!

met brian last year at grapplers quest in lemoore,ca. great competitor, more importantly a great guy.

Wow! That is AWESOME!! Phone Post

Great news for sure.

Been a good week for Mike.


put him vs Gurgel immediately

Nice I've always wanted to see him fight more Since the TUF. Phone Post

 Hot damn. Good for him.  I'll be rootin!!

TTT Phone Post

Michael Piekarski -  I hear he is decent

From who?


TTT Phone Post


Brian has great skills. Can't wait to see him in the big show. Phone Post


Good for him.