Brian Setzer = one talented muther fugger!

incredible in his twenties.

and still so fucken unreal. so polished. gdi

Love that guy.

I concur on two counts:

Brian Setzer is an amazing musician and artist. He never really appeared to give in to pop trends. Yeah, the swing fad happened, yet he always played that sort of stuff as well as other styles not played on pop and alternative radio it seems. He also influenced me to buy a Gretsch back in the day. Not his signature model, but still a Gretsch.

Marty is definitely bad ass! During a Christmas party in '07 I was talking story to my friend's uncle, who was the drummer for Hawai'i, about Marty. Gotta love that Japanese tv show where Marty "battles" with different guitarists.

in fact i think they have that show on youtube

Yes indeed they do.