Brian Shaw (Strong Man) does the UFC Performance Testing


That was an interesting video.

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Shaw is just a tank.


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Monster of a man


That was supposed to be a video

Nice just started listening to a couple episodes of his podcast Shawstrength. He’s a humble giant.

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I love that whole crew

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Robert Oberst was a friend of a friend growing up and more of an acquaintance to me but I got to see him come up. He is another giant and was just on an episode I watched with Brian.

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Yeah they had a fun show of Oberst, Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw and Nick Best. Those 4 were great together

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Wow, wonder who the guys were that hit 56,000 on the slap machine. That’s just crazy to let someone freely hit you in the head with that kind of power!

It didn’t look like Shaw put any effort into his 53,000. I wouldn’t be surprised if he absolutely destroyed the actual slappers’ numbers if he tried.

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