Brian Warren Documentary Highlight

Check it out, just the little promo real...coming out on dvd soon



Not to bad

Chris, you should drop by our virtual office on the thread travis fulton the Boxer, my associates and i may be able to help you out

Candy Man, what are you talking about lol? Im a little lost

Well, my associates and I provide a number of services, but first and foremost we help out our pro clients with nicknames, and it seems that you do not have one.

We have several clients that we work with, if you stop by the virtual office, you can even read a testionial from a pro UFC client and what he has to say.

look forward to working with you, see you at the virtual office Travis Fulton the Boxer

I got a now if you get can me some fights in the UFC then we have something we def. need to talk about

hmmm Chris "The Grinch" Reedy

how did you come about that name?

Not saying it was our work by any means, but did you see Logan "The Pink Hoe" Clark whoop up on the Sarge recently in the UFC?

Well, he is a client, and a very happy one i might add.

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Only this company pays better and has higher quality hot chocolate.
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Thank you for your prompt service.

Prompt service is something you can always see with the virtual office that isn't always available in a traditional business setting. It's a new world out there and Bocephus, Candy Man, Lada, Pitt & Assc is just the company to move an aspiring fighter forward in this new environment.

*There, I think you just got your first testimonial. I'll lengthen it out a bit in the future, and you'll have something to put up on the website right away, promptly even.*

Man I got that name from the 1 the only...B-rad, I def. am never going to change the name, so what kind of other services do you have?

Publicity : Fan Clubs, romo's, threads

Gift ideas

Cooking ideas

We take care of the little things so that you can take care of what you need to take care of.

From: SacWerneck
+Bocephus,CandyMan,Lada,Pitt & Assc
Date: 12/23/06 02:44 PM
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We also offer a full benefits package and this is how our mail is delivered

Alright I'm in were the contract?

Please step over into our virtual ofice on the thread Travis Fulton the Boxer

I would like to ttt this thread as Chris "The Grinch" Reedy is now a client

And Chris, my associate Lada has some nice things already lined up for you, and is just waiting for you to stop by the virtual office and give him the ok to launch.

happy Holiday's


Anyway, to get back on track....

Need better quality on the demo. Can´t read what it says and not clear enough to view his old lady!

TTT for Brian though. Have met him and he is a stand up guy!

ttt for The Grinch