Bridge Weapons

In my studies of self-defense I've read lots of reality based training people believe that to have a well rounded sense of personal security it is good to be proficient in combative skills, less-than-lethal weapons - a.k.a. bridge weapons (collapsable baton, pepperspray, kubotan, etc.), and lethal weapons (knives, firearms, etc.).

Does CFD teach how to use less-than-lethal weapons? Does Tony have any recommendations as to what type of weapon would work best for this situation?

'Well rounded' implies the totality appraoch, but fo rmost people, learn PERSONAL DEFENSE skills does not imply the need to learn the tools you mention above.

In our system, we do get into the psychology and strategy of improvised weapons adn do teach knife and impact tool concepts, but they are merely extensions of our 3-Dimensional CQ arsenal.

Remember, you are the weapon, there is no muscle-memory without consent and awareness, so NO tool [fist or firearm] is worth a damn if you dont show up for the fight first.


No one could have spelled it out better! Everyone wants to talk about muscle memory and how important it is but no one talks about the consent and awareness issues that allow muscle memory to come into play.
Awesome post and thanks for raising the bar once again!