i'm at a random 7-11 yesterday and as i drive up i see there are maybe 15 disabled kids out front. i'm not an expert, but i would say this group has some pretty rough disabilities.

This group has 2 woman and a 1 man taking care of them. The man is escorting these kids into the bathroom 1 by 1.

There were 3 young guys white guys in front of me in line and i walked out behind them and heard one of them making a retard joke. Now he was obviously taking great effort so that no one from that group heard him and frankly, when he realized i heard it i saw shame in his eyes.

Well, i happen to be parked next to his BMW with a USC license plate frame. AS we are getting into our cars i said (with no judgment or an accusatory tone) "See a guy dedicate his life like that really puts things into perspective about what being a man really means doesn't it? "

They all nodded..

Now, all of us carry some shame for something we have done at some point, but seeing someone do what he was doing (you know there are easier ways to make a living) for those kids provides real perspective.. if you stop and let it.

You can't fix yesterday, only tomorrow.

I used to work with mentally retarded adults, for almost three years. It paid well enough but it was actually just a rewarding job because you feel like you're making a difference in someone's life, even if only a small difference. It's pretty cool. Phone Post 3.0

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great post. next time i'm in santa monica we're hanging out. no BS.

This was in costa mesa yesterday.

Placentia and 17th i think.

Thread made me feel all toasty inside. Thanks and a lil vu Phone Post 3.0