Bring back the war games

With all these factions it would be a great time to bring back the war games Phone Post 3.0

Could happen, HHH has lobbied for it from what I've read, but Vince doesn't want it since it was not his creation. Need 4-5 man teams also. Phone Post 3.0

Their was a rumor that we might see it at battleground but it's just dirt sheet rumor so take it as that Phone Post 3.0

Would love to see evolution with Wyatts vs the shield cena bryant and anyone else who is being pushed Phone Post 3.0

War Games done well is excellent.

War Games done poorly is very hard to watch.

Wouldn't be the same without blood Phone Post 3.0

If they did that as a WWE App only event it would be sweet Phone Post 3.0

I heard something about most venues have a set layout, and thus it's hard to conform it to 2 rings. Dunno how much truth there is to it though. Phone Post 3.0