Bring Carlos Condit to the UFC!

Just my opinion BUT I think Condit would make a great addition to the UFC. He is a very exciting fighter and has a great record.

I don't know...

What are his opinions on Xyience?

Big Condit fan here.

I'm sure for the right price he would drink a Xyience after his win in the UFC

I saw his name on the WEC card I think. He's fighting Alex "the Russian" from Apex. Should be a good fight.

Condit by TKO

he's fighting Karalexis.

Condit is awesome.Awesome striker,good ground game.I think he'll win big against Karalexis.

Heard he was fighting Alex as well. Alex is a tough, tough guy.

Alex is a tough guy who is about to lose to a tougher guy