Bring chick to BJJ?

I ran into a girl who I've had my eye on for a while last week, and when the subject of martial arts came up she seemed genuinely interested. I called her up to invite her to BJJ class and she said yes. I'm stoked about it, and can't believe I didn't think of this earlier. MMA is something I can speak intelligently about without coming across as cocky, and I'm way more confident in a gym than at a bar anyway. Hopefully she'll find that attractive enough to warrant a second date, where we can explore some naked guard techniques.

Any tips or advice on which techniques to show her?

And yes, she is smokin' hot.

North / South seems like a good place to start.

 teach her the triangle choke

and then the titty twister

Take her back

bro if you like this girl you just made a huge mistake.She's either gonna start banging your instructor or and upper ranking belt.Dont shit where you eat

ShanTheMan - Take her back

Then show her the how to put in the THIRD hook

Don't pass her guard


extreme can opener.........

Mistake, imo.

She won't want to touch you after she watches 10 dudes grind their pork swords into your drooling mouth.

Your supposed to get a bjj from a chick!

If you were smart, you should invite her to do a private one on one training session with you instead of bringing her to a full group class.

 For having "Chick" and a variation of "BJ" in the title....

....this thread falls painfully short.

LOL... yeah bro if you are planning on being able to "explore naked guard techniques" on the SECOND date-- she's a trollop. I would think that the last place you would want to take her on your FIRST date would be to a room with twenty other able bodied males in it.

Hasn't anyone ever talked to you about "ratios"?


Hopefully you are actually someways proficient in BJJ and not going to get proverbial sand kicked in your face/gi

I hope for you you are one of the top dog of your BJJ scool.

If not, she is gonna get fucked by someone else.

TF!! Pics!?!

Watch this first and then rethink your invitation: