Bringing Bumper Plates to Gym?

Anyone ever do this?

It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes for me to get to my Olympic Lifting Coach so I can only make there on Sundays. The rest of the week I need to use a commercial gym since I don't have a big garage to simply purchase equipment and set it up in my basement or something. I walked into one place and the owner refused, so I'm a little discouraged. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Do you live in an apartment or a house? Maybe you can get a home setup. If you look a little harder you may be able to find somewhere to train other than the commercial gym.

Any other training places near by? Or a friend with a home gym?

In the garden seems alright if you have a bar and a few pieces of wood or better yet mats.

Man 75min drive to go train is tough. I got 2min drive.

How is the training and lifting going? What you been doing training wise?

Me my coach will get a new schedule after my exams on the 15th. I'll have a few sessions before then where I'll just do the same old stuff.

Warm up:
Snatch: 3r x 6s or 7s or Clean and Jerk 2r x 6-7s
Wide grip chins or Dips
Squat: 6r x 5s or 3r x 6s
Bench Press: 6r x 5s
Snatch or Clean pulls

Dragaon flies: 6r x 5s OR Hypers OR Bulkoff's (how ever you spell that, but Pole Vaulters will definately do them)


If you don't have the space for your own gym you can check the ads for garages to rent or even a storage rental place. Often the monthly fee is cheaper than a membership, you will have to invest in equipment but you'll be able to set your own hours. Maybe scare up a buddy or two to split the cost.

few guys at Golds used to bring chains in, nobody cared. Wierd looks was all.