bringing in Pro Wrestlers?

Do you guys think it's smart for PRIDE and K-1 to bring in Pro Wrestlers?

Yes. They bring in viewers. You can argue that it "hurts the perception of MMA as a legit sport" all you want, but the sad fact is that the vast majority of people do not now, and maybe never will perceive it as a legit sport.

If the promotions can't increase their audience, then the financial backers will eventually decide it's not worth the effort. Smaller promotions can do just fine with their "niche" audiences, but will probably never grow beyond that unless the big promotions draw more mainstream attention.

There's also the nice side effect that it makes the real fighters look very good when they're seen demolishing huge/popular/supposedly "tough" guys.

"Yes. They bring in viewers."

I agree. Look at UFC 40 and UFC 48, because of Ken Shamrock's name.

But I believe that bringing in does help sell tickets and PPV buys, but it's only to help temporary.

No, its a joke and it destroys our credability.

Saku has a loooong freestyle wrestling background before he did prowrestling.

He was a wrestling champion that went into pro wrestling, kinda like Curt Angle.