Bristol Marunde broken jaw (pic)

From RFA 31 vs. Gilbert Smith

Here's my broken mandible in the front and also a break in the back. Thank you to all my friends and family that reached out, really touched me and I appreciate you. I go for surgery and wiring shut Monday...


Ouch! hope for a speedy recovery!

Ah man. I had that same break, complete with a second break in the back.
I ended up wired shut,with a steel plate and six screws for 6 weeks.
It was fucking miserable.

Poor guy. Phone Post 3.0

Never_rolled - A friend of mine broke another guys jaw in 3 places in a smaller show less then a month ago. As of a week ago the guy was still going through the shows insurance to get his jaw wired. He was keeping my friend updated. Crazy shit.
So how long without surgery?! Just living with a broken jaw? Phone Post 3.0