Britains Hardest Prisoner- Paul Sykes

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Never heard of him but he has a good squat.

Lee murray vs Paul sykes



He was reknowned for being an absolute psycho

Just a pure wrong un 

Both his kids are doing life sentences for murder lol. ..

Paul Sykes is mentioned in the book, Legends by Charles Bronson, an A to Z guide of the men Bronson had regarded to be the toughest in Britain. Referring to him as 'Sykesy', Bronson describes him as "a legend, born and bred" and writes: "I first met Sykes in Liverpool in the early 70s and at that time he was probably the fittest con in Britain. A hard man from Yorkshire, a fighting man in every sense. A lot of people never liked him, perhaps they even feared him but I respected the man for what he stood for". Bronson then goes on to relate an incident said to have taken place in HMP Liverpool, when Sykes allegedly killed the prison's cat and fashioned it into a "Davey Crocket" hat


Sykes died on 7 March 2007 at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield. His cause of death was noted as pneumonia and liver cirrhosis.[1] His death certificate states his occupation as 'author (retired)' and the funeral service was held at Wakefield Baptist Church, which he regularly attended. He is buried in the Alverthorpe cemetery Wakefield

Bastard drank himself to death.

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Inmates can get pretty attached to animals in prison. I can't think of a more savage way to introduce yourself to the local population than to kill their mascot and fashion it into a hat. At least that's how I read it




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Judge Mental - Bluenamer please

Watched the whole thing, was a good watch.  Thanks for posting. 


I thought Bronson was