british jiu jitsu

What can anyone tell me about this?

I know that much but is it for sport, for street???

It was developed for by Ulster loyalists to combat the IRAs traditional style of bog grappling.  From what I hear it's pretty effective against urban snipers and rubbish bin bombs, but loses its effectiveness in more rural, boggy terrain.

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It was invented by Evelyn Waugh. He won the first British UFC.

To the OP, the British Jiu-Jitsu club is teaching Bill Underwood's WW2 H2H style. Its old school JJ and fun, it was taught to soldiers in WW2. I'd put it in the non-sport but effective category.

Try it out, you might like it.

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Armbar drills followed by  scones and tea.

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Looks pretty cool to me, you ought to check it out...

I forgot to mention that BJJ is also one of the few MAs that retains the traditional kilt uniform. There are a few no-kilt clubs gaining popularity these days, but they remain marginal.

'British Jiu Jitsu' yet it is based in Canada and orginates from Combato and Defendo?

There is only one British Martial Arts system:

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