Britney looks...

thin. Fudge! So pissed she lost weight... Phone Post

You know the rules man!?!

Tracy got a good pic of her at the weigh-ins. As Fiercedragon said....I miss her when she was about 10-12 lbs. heavier.

 thin is good

 looks great..

Done better.

Done better.

Thin. Solid. Tight. Phone Post

10 pounds more, and the curves are kicking in! yeah

Too thin Phone Post

Looks great other than the bad boob job

could cut glass wit dem nipples!

 I think her facial features might look better with a little more weight like she had prior to the weight loss, but still amazing looking, and can't hate for losing weight

I would try to go out with her, and of course be denied.

INDK - I would try to go out with her, and of course be denied.

 She waved at me at TUF 13 Finale....and yes I still rank that over most things in my life

She's average. Phone Post

Daam look @ those Tiggo Bitties Phone Post

She had a nice pooch going but she still looks hawt.

UGCTT_Rychek -  UFC on Fox 4 Weigh Ins

Damnnnn she really did thin out. Still looks amazing tho.

That's a shame Phone Post

She looks fine.

And by fine I mean perfect. Phone Post