Britney Spears nip slip.....

Can't post the fucking vid because of the puritanical moderating here but the vid is on youtube.  I have to say, she has damn near perfect ones.   It's on display for all to see for several seconds. 

Search for Britney Spears nip slip on youtube.  Enjoy.  

Only a Latina can have a perfect nip

I just posted the vid in After Dark.  



Is this video 20 years old? Otherwise no thanks. 


Still so hot ....

IgnorantDeadline -

Still so hot ....

Yup, like a fine wine


Seems like the best possible outcome for paying money to see someone dance and pretend to sing.

I feel like she's some soulless robot they just bring out to fake sing and dance around a bit so everyone gets paid.




It's Britney waaaattcchhh!!

I prefer shaved head with a golf club Brittany. 

That had to be a good fuck. 

I need her to do more squats, then I'll marry her.

I must confess. I still believe.