Brittney Griner Length Of Sentence Pool!

Something new to bet on…$20.00 entry fee for those wanting to bet, OK for people to guess who don’t want to be…I’ll go first.

I think she gets the Full Monty, 10 years…no reason for Russia to give her a break.

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Bring Britney home fans rally



She’ll be home by the end of summer

Ok so put money on it.



Deserve Black Woman GIF by Janet Jackson

I think @spjackson77 is about right. If not end of summer before the election. The dems will do some stupid one-sided concession to get her out and prove how woke they are.

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1 year. It will be a mini-flex by Putin to keep her. Also, Biden gives her that award/medal within a month of her return.

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You should clarify if you mean what she’s sentenced to or what she serves because lots of people are already assuming that you mean what she serves.

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Baseball sucks so fucking bad that us gambling degenerates are betting on some dyke in Russia.


I bet she’s sentenced to 10, serves 3-4 more months, and then they trade some mass murderer for her return just before the mid terms.


If the internet gambling sites have prop bets up on this id LMAO.

My internet gambling site will remain dormant for 2 more months until real sports start back.

Fuck baseball in it’s boring gay ass.

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This feels like it will be pretty accurate. Flexing that celebrity privilege to get out of jail early.


She will be home in 2025 when trump makes a call.
No one is taking Bidens calls.

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That was last time night here and nobody showed up. Pretty funny!

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Is ‘death by firing squad’ an option?

Dont wish her death. Shes an american after all, but i hope she knows now how fucking lucky we are to be here.

That doesn’t sound like a woman, at all.

She should demand Trial By Combat. I bet the russian judge would immediately start shuffling through his books to see if thats an option.

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