Brittney Griner speaking out from prison: I like white people

A famous American basketball player was found in a Russian pre-trial detention center: the US consul abandoned her
What’s going on with Britney Griner

If it were not for the events in Ukraine, then, probably, the detention and arrest in Russia, at Sheremetyevo of the American Britney Griner, the famous athlete, two-time Olympic champion, would have been a sensation No. 1 in the world.

But as it is, it is - at the moment, the American consul never even came to one of the strongest basketball players on the planet to make sure that she was all right. So far, only two Russian lawyers are involved in her defense.

The conditions of detention of 31-year-old Britney Griner were checked by human rights activists, members of the Public Monitoring Commission of the Moscow Region, among them a special correspondent for MK.

What’s going on with Britney Griner
Britney Griner was detained at Sheremetyevo Airport in February. In her luggage, customs officers, according to media reports, found vapes with cannabis oil.

In Russia, using hash oil is a crime, and in any doses and purposes. A service dog trained on drugs figured out that something was wrong with the baggage of an athlete who had flown from New York to Moscow.

Now the two-time Olympic champion - in Rio in 2016 and in Tokyo in 2020 - faces up to 10 years in prison for drug possession and smuggling.

To Russia for millions

Information about the incident was widely disseminated by the media only on March 5, when the decision to arrest Greiner was made by a court in Khimki. Now American politicians are trying to link the criminal case against the athlete with the aggravated relations between Russia and the West. But this does not affect the position of the basketball player herself, who is currently in one of the pre-trial detention centers in the Moscow Region.

She flew from New York to Russia to play for one of the leading basketball teams in our country. There is information that Greiner earns more than $ 1 million a year - playing for the Yekaterinburg club.

“Phoenix Mercury center Britney Griner is one of the most prominent WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) players of all time. Now she is in custody in Russia, and this situation not only threatens her security in a deep global crisis, but also exposes the problems of professional women’s basketball in America, ”the world press shouts.

Apparently, Greiner plays in Russia for financial reasons. In the offseason, many WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) stars earn their skills in other countries, simply because it is several times more profitable than at home.

For several weeks, the Greiner family, her business and legal representatives, the WNBA, the NBA and some players were aware of the problem with Russian law, but avoided drawing attention to the girl so as not to provoke.

The American consul is in no hurry

Everything, as usual, is an ordinary weekday, here the prisoners are talking on a landline phone, others are going to court in the temporary detention facility.

The institution where Britney is located functions not only as a colony, but also as a pre-trial detention center. They are waiting for the American consul, he must come at least someday. In the end, their citizen was detained, and even a celebrity. But the diplomat does not seem to be in a hurry.

Although the Israeli consul, for example, regularly visited a citizen of his country, 26-year-old Naama Issahar - she, as many probably remember, was also detained at the airport with hashish in 2019.

The Issachar case and the Greiner case are almost a blueprint. Except that Britney nevertheless flew directly to Russia, where she has been living and working for several years, that is, she could in advance take an interest in our laws.

And the case of Naama Issachar, an unremarkable girl, unfolded before the pandemic and all this world confusion, therefore, it caused an unprecedented public outcry. On October 19, 2019, rallies were held in Tel Aviv and New York demanding her release.

The President of Israel personally addressed the head of the Russian Federation with a request to pardon Naama. And the Prime Minister of Israel apologized to Vladimir Putin for Issachar and also asked for her release. Also, the mother of the arrested woman achieved a personal meeting with the President of Russia.

In general, they saved Naama at the level of heads of state. As a result, she wrote a petition for pardon to Putin, he accepted it, and on January 30, 2020, the Israeli woman flew on a private plane of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah Netanyahu to her home.

I remember how Issachar drew, taught her cellmates to do yoga, in general, tried to be positive, despite the fact that her nerves were at the limit.

Sleeping with legs crossed

People in the colony are used to celebrities of all kinds. Although, of course, there are certain nuances.

For example, Britney’s height is 2 meters 6 centimeters. The bed on the second tier, where she sleeps, is designed for a maximum of 1.80, and even the foot of the bed itself is limited by bars, so you can’t stretch your legs up to the wall. However

Oh, the bed is standard, as it should be according to the house rules.

Britney is not discouraged. She is generally very peaceful and calm. As if nothing had happened to her at all - well, yes, she ended up in prison, well, yes, snow-covered Russia outside the window, well, that’s how it happens, there is nothing special here.

  • Have you ever been in a detention center before, Britney? - we ask her. - You somehow do not look shocked and alarmed.

  • Yes, my father worked in the police, and my brother was in jail, - she spreads her hands.

  • And how, is there a difference between the places of detention in our country and in yours?

  • Yes, prisons are very different. If I were in America, they could probably release me on bail now.

Her shoes are size 53. And a dimensionless dark jacket, to which multi-colored stripes are sewn - red, black, yellow, green. “Blacks live for the world, that’s what it says on them,” explains Britney Greiner. She is also, most likely, an activist of the extremely popular BLM social movement in the states, she opposes racism and violence against blacks. The same movement when African Americans force whites to kneel and apologize for the behavior of their slave-owning ancestors.

  • How do you sit with white neighbors? - I nod at the cellmates of the basketball player.

“Oh, no problem, I like white people,” she exclaims.

There are two cellmates - Olya and Alena. Olya is 21 years old, Alena is 28. Both are here under the “people’s” article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, that is, for the same drugs.

They speak English and therefore can communicate with a foreigner. Pioneers. Human rights activists do not have the right to be interested in the details of their criminal cases, but most often the so-called “mortgagers”, that is, young people who are used as intermediaries between sellers and buyers of illicit drugs, are serving time in this composition.

– Do you have enough food? Are you well fed? Are the portions small? - we bombard the athlete with questions.

US Olympic champion arrested in Russia for drug smuggling


“Not. Everything is fine. There is enough food. I ate noodles with milk for breakfast today. And here for the first time I tried this, like her, buckwheat. We don’t have that kind of grain.”

  • Do you receive transmissions?

  • Yes, the lawyer brings. Passed it three times already. No problem with this. Meetings with my defenders, there are two of them, I am also allowed.

  • Did you manage to contact your relatives in the USA? There is such a paid service of the Federal Penitentiary Service-letter, you write an electronic news to whom you want. You are answered. You can even write in English, however, in this case you will have to wait for some time, according to the law, the translator will have to check the content.

  • I know about it. But, unfortunately, in America it is impossible to register on this site, so we do not correspond with relatives, - the Olympic champion sighs.

She has two books that the lawyer brought. This is a biography of the Rolling Stones and in English Dostoyevsky.

“Demons,” Olya explains the name to me.

  • “Demons”? Isn’t it “Demons”?

  • A, accurately “Demons”!

Britney doesn’t speak Russian at all. That’s not a single word, although she played in our team for several years. “It’s just that there were always translators around,” she explains. The same Naama Issachar for six months in a Russian pre-trial detention center spoke the great and mighty quite decently.

But Britney either does not understand that, according to her article, she faces up to 10 years in prison, or she keeps her face well. At least until she learns the language. Perhaps he hopes to come out soon.

“I lost track of time in the temporary detention center, where I spent about ten days until they sent me here,” she sighs.

A flat-screen TV hangs in the cell - this is a must for women. Shows up to twenty channels. Switches centrally by clock in all chambers. News is coming, but it’s frankly scary to watch, and yesterday we got to the “Magnificent Century”. The story about the inhabitants of the harem of the Turkish Sultan, as they say, really liked.

Another entertainment is walking in the walking yard. Bath twice a week. The night before, Britney was playing Battleship with her neighbors. They also have such a game in America, but it’s a board game, but here it’s school-style in a checkered notebook. “I won once, she won another,” the second neighbor Alena picks up.

What’s next for Britney? Still, up to ten years. And it seems that the United States is not very eager to save its citizen. Everyone is not up to it.

For now, Britney needs to think about simple and affordable everyday things in order to simply save herself.

For example, how to cut off the cut-off Afro-braids generously scattered on her head.

So far I can wash them once every two weeks. Shampoo with a special composition that the lawyer brings.

But if the athlete’s stay behind bars drags on, something will also need to be done about this.

P.S. The famous American basketball player Britney Griner, arrested in Russia, is called a political prisoner in the US press. Without any reliable information, the media publish articles about how hard it is for her behind bars.

Meanwhile, in the future, its situation can be improved. Moreover, the athlete can even return to her homeland.

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There are our convicts in the United States with Russian passports, who otherwise have no chance of returning home. Why not trade one of them for Britney?

Is such an exchange of prisoners possible in principle, says human rights activist Ivan Melnikov, vice-president of the Russian branch of the International Committee for the Protection of Human Rights.

  • Ivan, how many citizens are held in places of deprivation of liberty in our country and in the United States?

  • Russians in America, I suppose, about 2.5 thousand. We have much fewer Americans, about 10 people: Trevor Reed, Britney Griner, Paul Willan, Mark Vogel and others.

  • Many Russians who are sitting there are well-known personalities.

  • Yes, this is Viktor Bout, who was sentenced in 2012 in the United States to 25 years in prison, and Konstantin Yaroshenko, a Russian pilot involved in a diplomatic incident between Russia and the United States. In 2010, he was arrested in Liberia as part of the Relentless operation and extradited to the United States without proper documents, later Yaroshenko said that he had been tortured.

They were recently joined by Vladislav Klyushin, who is accused of trading insider information, but the US is said to have detained him to obtain information about the time he worked on a monitoring system for the presidential administration.

What needs to be done to make this exchange possible?

  • I sent appeals to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation personally to Sergey Lavrov and the US Secretary of State with a proposal to return to the issue of a possible exchange and provide assistance so that appropriate measures are taken. Being so far from home and in such difficult conditions is always a concern for our citizens, Yaroshenko and Bout, as far as I know, are now experiencing serious health problems, and because of the imposed sanctions, it is impossible to send money for medicines to them. I understand that relatives cannot send money to American prisoners in the Russian Federation either.

  • Britney Griner opened an account, and her lawyer transferred some amount for purchases in a store at the SIZO.

  • But, of course, this should not be regulated in each specific case, but in general, a regulation should be adopted that makes transfers for imprisoned foreigners possible. If it is possible to remove all bureaucratic obstacles as quickly as possible and exchange our prisoners, then this must be done. Everyone is waiting for their loved ones at home. Both in America and in Russia.



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Not interested in getting her back. She seems fine over there.


Uhhhh fucking cliffs?


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She likes white people, doesn’t speak Russian, reads Dostoyevsky in English, is allowed to have her braids, has a hard time washing them, doesn’t seem to realize she faces up to 10 years, but she can be exchange for a number of Russians doing time stateside now, of which Viktor But seems to be the most plausible option atm


Lol yeah where did you get this garbage fox news where you can’t click a news article without being bombarded with click bait?

She has 2 women to pretend to have sex with and all the buckwheat and literature she can eat. Better than her oppressed life in the US was, imo!




Thanks for stopping in and sharing touch! It’s good to see and hear from you my friend!


LOL that’s the best description of BLM I’ve ever seen.


Some of her best friends are white?

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Repeats that she’s one of the best basketball players in the world several times turning the piece into a comedy. Further illustrating this is not a serious piece the author oddly cuts into the story with strange Brittney Griner facts like how tall she is or how big her shoes are. I might have missed it, I didn’t see any sort of apology for smuggling drugs. She now claims to like white people. Which was a very strange comment. But whatever.

It then compares her to another person in detention who’s an Israeli citizen. Crying that it’s unfair Israel actually wants their citizen back where as nobody from the US consul has visited her, in the time frame she expects. It’s probably some cis white guy. She complained about the food without complaining about it. She can’t speak to family. The article claims her imprisonment is somehow unfair and that she’s a political prisoner… she isn’t. Any mention of an exchange is absurd.



Seems like she’s treated great

The fuck is up with the long ass articles on the OG today jesus fucking christ