Brittney Griner speaking out from prison: I like white people

Maybe she’ll change her tone about this country now. I doubt it, but there’s a chance.

If nothing else, she better keep her fucking mouth shut at the very least. Hopefully this put her extraordinary life into perspective for her and all her followers.

Lol @ bringing weed internationally. So dumb.

Trading an actual war criminal for a fucking basketball player, wnba even, is laughable. Biden will probably make it so.



“The national anthem should never be played”

Refuses to come out of locker room when it was broadcast before a game


“help me ‘Murica!”


So now that she’s locked up in a Russian prison, she likes white people. Lol


Or maybe aliens will come down and set her free…I find it funny that she expects the consul to help her. Sorry you need to recite the National Anthem three times in the mirror before he will visit.


I wonder how she feels about the national anthem now

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She’s been arrested for domestic violence before as well. Poor impulse control, and racist.

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The other person they reference stayed 3 months before having a deal worked with that person’s country. Will Griner do more or less time? I shall take the over given the world situation. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

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Umm, no. These people are delusional.

“If it were not for the events in Ukraine, then, probably, the detention and arrest in Russia, at Sheremetyevo of the American Britney Griner, the famous athlete, two-time Olympic champion, would have been a sensation No. 1 in the world.”


Russians and wnba players both think way too highly of themselves