Brittney Griner speaking out from prison: I like white people

I’ve read a half-dozen or so articles about her case and I don’t think I’ve come across a statement from her proclaiming her innocence. There’s a few comments surrounding not being legally detained (framed by Putin), but not much reference to her not having the goods. Most of her defenders are proclaiming that it isn’t a big deal to have a few hash-vapes in your possession and Russia is being asshole.

Seems like a big fuck you from karma. I’m on with it.

They take smuggling laws very seriously in Russia

She should tell the truth and maybe Russia will let her go in a year


Oh, and I’m sure she loves America now too.

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The other person’s country wanted them back.

Captors don’t want “Hanoi Janes”* See Hanoi Jane for reference. They would rather take a citizen who was patriotic and turn them against their own country. They’re useless if they already hate their country. She has no value as a scapegoat. Not to mention why would anyone in the consul risk or use their “currency” on her? All she has done is say how much she hates white people and other nasty things. If I was only able to save one person and use up whatever favors I had garnered over the years, I wouldn’t waste it on her.

Same goes for an exchange. Her mouth has made her of almost no value. For the 4 millionth time… “Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence”. All those nasty things she said is why she is still currently there. It’s why nobody is going to lift a finger for her too.

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Fuck this BLM terrorist cunt. Let her rot


Wrong place, wrong time, wrong president

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Maybe try out Solzhenitsyn…


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She better get busy living or get busy dying

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Strange that the american consulate didnt contact her… Democrats doest give a shit about her… This political game could have been over a long time ago, but Bidens handlers do not give a shit lol

Rememeber when Trump got the black basketball players back from China?? She would be back in the states under Trump…

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Yeah she read Dostoyevsky Crime and Punishment to check how the guy got away with murdering a granny in Russia lol

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oh she likes white people now does she?
how fucking convenient.
fuck off you nasty communist cunt.

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I am 100% convinced he/she is a dude. Looks like a dude, talks like a dude, walks like a dude…it’s a dude. He is a fag tranny that wanted to go to prison on purpose for all that gay sex.


what the fuck?
that’s a fucking bloke!
is this for real, that fucking cunt is pretending to be a woman?

I wonder if her pussy is size 53 aswell? jeez what a cluster fuck

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Only one way to find out.

Get to it and report back. For America