Briz BRACCA and Machado cru:

Are you guys back at training? I will be leaving the country next week, can't really go without choking some of you out first.


i'm always training these days you slacker... you know where to find me

Sorry Matt, I've been out of the loop- time and venue? I won't be rolling, just saying hi before I leave.


BRACCA HQ - 9 wilson st west the moment, mon-fri 7-9pm and mon/wed 2-4pm (the rest of the day i'm operating heavy machinery! ..or sleeping while other people do! hehe)

will be good to see you Taro!

where are you going taro, with one your ladies i assume!!!!!!!

Hey Taro,

Tonight at Norman Park (7.30pm)


best of luck with everything taro, hope to see you again sometime...sooner rather than later.

the silver lining of this cloud is that at least now, ordinary looking men such as myself MIGHT have a chance with the ladies (and i can stop playing both sides...not! :p)

Thanks guys, I am in Tokyo now. I've been busy with work and settling in so I haven't done anything training or MMA related.Ken- sorry I couldn't catch up before I left. Can you send me your email address?taro