Broad VB6 problem/question

ok... i try and explain the best i can

i wrote a small desktop app using vb6 it works fine on my computer. i am running winxp pro and am I using access 2003. the problem is that when i made an .exe file for one of the desktops at work there is one button click event that is causing the app to crash. it says something to the extent of "program.exe generated errors...program must close"
her computer is running win2kpro and has office 2000 on it... the button that is being pushed basically uses recordsets to delete all records in an existing table and then opens an existing excel spreadsheet that imports new data back into the table... does anyone know what may be causing this to crash on her system and not mine... any help would be greatly appreciated btw.. she doesnt have vb6 on her computer so i cant debug it.

Write some logging into the application based on a command switch (such as myprog.exe /log) and write out some tracing info to a .txt file. A lot of times when you have GPFs due to automation, either something was updated on the client computer (such as an SP) or the different version could have a COM interface that isn't quite compatible. I've seen this with different versions of Excel. Like I said, the best way to nail it down is to build in some tracing logic in the app, especially in your error handling routines. If you want to get really crazy you can use line numbers and write out the Err.Erl value.

i'll give it a shot.. thanks for the direction. something told me you would be the one to answer this post first.
thanks again

I've found that you need to change the database connection code for each version of Access. In fact, I just did an app in VB6/Access 2003 and the connection string that I used in a previous VB6/Access 2000 (or was it Access 97) did not work.

might be something to check out.

ill look into that ... never came across my mind that may be the problem... we will see..
thanks again