Brock blesses God...

So Brock points up in there air and says, "God bless him, God bless you." He Godblessed God for blessing him with his body and mind.

well who else is capable of blessing God?


Hahahah, great thread. I noticed it as well.

It raises the question, if God bless everyone on earth, who blesses God?

Obviously, Brock Lesnar

Ebony - well who else is capable of blessing God?

No one, which is why he beat Couture because he had God-Strength which negated Captain America's Old-Man-Strength

Smart guy that Brick Less Now is

PAGrappler412 - Smart guy that Brick Less Now is

Oh great Brock, please bless this UG'er with articulation.

bismanfightclub - See, everyone else is ASKING god for stuff, Brock gives.



Not nearly the gaffe that "I want to fuck Chuck" was, but still pretty good.

Well shit Wand's English is a second language, maybe blessing God is a bigger one...

Not a big deal IMO, the smell my butt move stole the show as far as one liners go.

 Bout time somebody blessed God. Bunch of ingrates populatin' this planet if you ask me.

May the Brock be with you.....


Oh My Brock....

Brock Have mercy

Good Brock Almighty

Maybe God sneezed.

I have sung Brock's praises since day one....

Praise the Brock.