Brock blesses God...

Sierra Nevada clearly has his finger on the pulse of the internet.

sadic1 - Maybe God sneezed.


All you people mocking Brock Lesnar better watch out. Is this where you wanna be when brock comes back? Makin fun of brock lesnar?

Perhaps he was asking Satan, to whom Brock made a pact with for his body and mind, to bless God, who was probably feeling a little bit vulnerable after losing a few hundred million souls in his bet on the main event.


 Does that make Brock God?  That seems about right.

 if he blessed roids, that would b sayin somethin

We all just kind of looked at each other when he said that, like did he really just od that

Yeah because if you're not praising the lord, you're automatically negative and complaining. Oh you whacky religious types.

CLINTK9 - Didn't say your automatically negative, but most are on the UG, maybe you should TRY praising the Lord occasionally...

But, if thats to tough for you to Do, keep being negative and making comments like "Oh you whacky religious types"

Proves my point right there...

Funny if anyone talks about God or Praises him, people start up with that Religious Crap...

Like I said, seems most cannot even let someone else talk about God, without putting in your 2 cents of Negativity...

I'm not even going to comment on how preposterous that post is.

Carry on, thread!

ClintK9, I dont think anyone is making fun of him for thanking god (we all know god is a huge MMA fan and is directly responsible for the outcome) we are laughing because brock Lesnar pointed and looked up as if talking to God and said "God bless you" God. It was funny, relax.

CLINTK9 - Hit a sore spot there Ryan?

Hahaha wow, that you would glean such a thing out of what I posted speaks volumes about you. I pity you. This is the last time I'll reply to anything you say on this thread, as you clearly have the comprehension skills of a mentally retarded chimpanzee.

I only praise goblins and strangely enough i get the same 50/50 results.

Or better yet, try reverse praying. Its where you bestow your own blessings upon God. He appreciates it and does favors for you in return. Works for brock

How the hell did my thread get hijacked, this was intended to just be funny.

Makes perfect sense. Brock IS a God.

 Hey dipshits, use it this way.....God, bless you!  

Thats how it works fucktards.

Could God make a burrito so big that even God couldn't eat it?

he was excited and flustered.... he was trying to humble

OkStateGrappla - Could God make a burrito so big that even God couldn't eat it?

I just waiting until the first Mexican sees an apparation of Brock on a burrito.