Brock by KO


Toot toot bitches! Trane is comming for Cain!

I think Brock is going to win this. Not too certain about the KO however...

 brock's jab is going to keep cain at bay....

Keep dreamin Cain ko rd 2 all day Phone Post

illegal immigration stops this saturday! Phone Post

Lesnar has terrible boxing lol, he loads up on his right hand and throws it from the locker room


what do all three of those guys have in common??? Terrible defense, no head or side to side movement lol, it doesn't take much to avoid Lesnar's only punch, his overhand right that he loads up on.

Randy has no head movement?


Randy has terrible boxing skills lol, how many times has that guy been dropped or KOed?


man oh man do I love being right, and that's majority of the time to hahahahahaaha....what a night the Giants are in the WS and Fraud Lesnar got fuckkkkedddd upppppppppppp Smokkeeyyyyy

WHOOOAAAAAAA, nice boxing Lesnar

sucky thread is sucky.. OWNED