Brock could destroy the UFC

By leaving the UFC with the belt and go straight back to Vince McMahon and the WWE.

Could you imagine, Brock walking in against the Undertaker for the UFC HW championship ? ? ? And then guys like Untaker winning the belt ? LOL.

Dana would be pissed.

I prefer to imagine 11/13/08

Bill Pharoni - I prefer to imagine 11/13/08

Life was grander then

would that make lesnar the new most dangerous man in the world?

 I think this scenario makes the most sense.

DravenTyler - Does the UFC champion non-compete clause include "sports entertainment"? I wonder if they added a special clause for Lesners contract with this in mind. Shamrock could return to WWF(E) and finally be the UFC champion!

It does prevent fighters under contract with the UFC from participating in pro wrestling, but Brock has already announced he plans to return to Ohio Valley Wrestling, where he got his start, for there show on January 7th.

To sign autographs.

 Imagine if Brock showed up on Monday Night Raw and threw the UFC HW Title in the trash....then proclaim he was "the real world heavyweight" champion.

Dana would sue Brock into oblivion if he showed up on WWE tv with that belt.

yep, Brock left the WWE to get away from travel 300 days a year for the UFC and maybe 3 fights a year......yeah, I am 100% positive he is going back.

next time I go to sleep I'll have a nightamre about that. But nog will beat him before he can go back

A UFC HW champion leaving the organization while holding the belt--that will never happen.

Then imagine that triple h took the belt out of the garbage and proclaimed ray mysterio to be the UFC champ but just after that Vince hit him with a ladder causing him to fall on thumb tacks. But then it was all a pretend adult soap opera, where an NCAA champ happened to do some acting for a while, then trained to fight for real and beat a guy he out weighed by 50lbs.

Can you imagine?

 Who would win, Brock or Canhoef?