Brock got his tattoo changed?!?!

JUst saw his picture on The penis sword looks like its been illed in more to cover up the veins? kinda hard to tell small picture

I heard he went black

Once you go black, you never go to Disney Land.

....wait a minute.....

I just went to and it still looks like a ridiculous penis on a handle.

I don't understand why the hell he doesn't have the tip of that thing edged to look like a real knife or sword, instead of a penis. You know, make it go to a sharp point on one side, not have a fireman's helmet!

is thisthe new tatoos? because it lookd like the old one

Anyone notice that tat looks a lot like a huge cock?

By far the worst fucking tattoo ive ever seen, wtf was he thinking?

Why are his pecs halfway down his body?


Looks like he inked it in more to me.

Looks like coming off the gas has made Brock a little pudgy. Which is a shame because with that great tattoo it would probably look better if he was in prime physical condition.

"Why are his pecs halfway down his body? "

Damn that made me laugh! Then I went and looked at that pic again, and I laughed even harder!

Everyone stop laughing at my hero.

(even though his tattoo is horrible)

The worst tattoo in the history of art.

His nipple line does seem rather low.

Looks like he's off the juice (or at least has decreased his dosage alot since his WWE days).

moobs IMO

The tat gives him a more defined cleavage

this whole thread is making me queasy.....