Brock Larson should be a main card fighter

The dude is a bad ass, and paid his dues, UFC should give him more respect!

he's boring

Rashad Evans_030 - he's boring

Yeah, so boring all of his fights went to a decision, right.

Nearly all submissions.

I like how someone with the username Rashad Evans is calling someone boring.

I know Mike Pierce personally, so I'm pretty stoked for this one but I gotta say Brock is a clear favorite.


I agree with the original post. He's as good as Mike Brown.

Larson may not sound like a UFC name. If his name was Liarson, I'm sure he would be fighting in the main card.

After Larson mauls Pierce like a gorilla gone crazy, give him a proper fight against a top 10 contender.

 i dont like his style. too meat headish for my taste

 Definetly earned his way to bigger fights and the main card.  He is also much more technically sound (especially his jiu jitsu) than he gets credit for.  He will continue to prove himself and show his complete game.



Mike Pierce is here to shock the world...

Brock Larson usually has problems with guys who are superior wrestlers, because most guys he face cannot withstand the Larson first round wad. Mike Pierce has Greco and Freestyle credentials and he just out wrestled highly touted Paul Bradley, which is an accomplishment in itself. Mike Pierce also has two cinderblocks attached to his hands (See the Dolce fight, where Dolce was knocked the fuck out.)

Pierce wins, decision. write it down.

don't think he'd ever get past fitch. brock that is. as for pierce. first time in the big show, the jiters might get to him + brocks aggresive style might overwhelm him.

He is, he just fought against Randy at UFC 100. You spelled his name wrong though.