Brock Lesnar Ready for Mir and Carwin

Ryder - Yeah, Brock hasn't looked very tan at all lately

He's too busy taking horseshoes out of Mir's ass and beating him over the head with them.

If this is new footage, Brock looks exactly the same as he did for the UFC 100 fight.

 He has a wrestling background so you cant expect him to be used to getting hit. He will be more comfortable with it in the future though

Ryder - Seriously, does anyone know the name of that song in the video? I must have that as my official theme music when I go places.

Like, when I go into the grocery store, I'll bump that shit on an amplified Ipod.

 Please don't do that.

If I was walking in next to you, I would LOL and point at you.


I don't know who made that music,

but I have some friends who have done some similar stuff.

They are called Teribus.
You should be able to find them on CD Baby or Itunes.

You should also check out Corvis Corax (similar and awesome)
Beats Antique ( a little different but way cool)

Imagine training in the same room as that silverback of a human.

I hope it's recent footage and he comes back to put a stamp on the UFC heavyweight division.

Good for him, but I didn't see much improvement since last fight to be honest. Where Mir has shown increased size, strength, and striking. Should be interesting.

Can't wait to see this creature come back into the cage and pick up where he left off. I would love to see Brock mvoe around to different camps Jackson, Hilo, Couture, etc. Just throwing it out there.

brock may be ready for mir, but not supermir

a lean 280 supermir has the answer for brocks smothering

 I dont think the video is recent, the begining of the video showed the grass green and right now in Alexandria Minnesota the grass is covered by 2 feet of snow.  This is probably when he started training for Carwin


like him or not,im glad he's back because if he wasn't able to all you'd hear is what if's