Brock Lesnar Retires

He Notified The UFC

First real 2 sport champion.

Enjoy it Brock, you were the best ever!!!! There will never be another like you!!!!

The word retire doesn't mean shit!

Out of the testing pool now..

See u at ufc300 Brock 

Adios roid-breath! 

the list of fighters that got popped once is long.

Good luck collecting that fine nsac

Damn, defeated by tainted foot cream.

It is a shame that Brock Lesnar never had the chance to achieve his full potential in MMA. He could have been even more scary than he was, and that's pretty damn scary.

He was comin' off rocket-fuckin' fuel

Dude your a 3700er

Trifive -




And good riddance 

Brock was awesome and did a lot for the sport. Not only that he is a really nice down to earth guy if you get to know him. I lived right by him for years and use to drink with him, he is nothing like his character he portrays in wwe or UFC for that matter. Just a farm boy who likes entertaining but not the spotlight when he is away from the ring/cage. Guy can drink a lot of beer also, lol.

Fedoral Crime -

Adios roid-breath! 


Goldberg killed him.

Time to get back on a real cycle for wrestlemania. 


That said. Brock was awesome. I was there for his first fight in LA. He came out from the backstage when it was still daylight in sweats and a minnesota wrestling hoodie. Dude looked like a fucking monster even dressed down like that. 


The crowd cleared out a bit after sakuraba/royce and i was in the 5th or 6th row for his fight. That fight was dismissed at the time but his gnp was fucking scary. 


He was really a once in a generation dude and will be missed. 


This is a fighting form bud and Brock Lesnar is a 2 Sport Champion