Brock Lesnar's Advantage....

is his WWE experience.

Carwin isn't used to the pressure and hype surrounding major ppv events.

Brock Lesnar prepared himself physically and technically to enter mixed martial arts like any other fighter, surrounding himself with good training partners and coaches, and putting in the time in the gym. But in dealing with the limelight of being UFC heavyweight champion, he was able to draw on his past in the sports entertainment business as a professional wrestler in Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment.

“I think the main thing that I can bring from WWE is just... it’s basically the same thing,” said Lesnar. “Here we’re promoting a big fight. While (WWE is) involved in sports entertainment, this is sports and entertainment, so the main difference is this is real and WWE wasn’t.”

The former collegiate Division I national wrestling champion learned how to promote himself, a fight, and captivate the attention of his target market while participating in the storyline rivalries on WWE pay-per-views from 2002 to 2004.

“I was pushing my fights in the WWE and always pushing big pay-per-views, so it’s the same thing. I just got to get out and execute and fight for real,” said the 32-year-old.

Being the main event on pay-per-views in sports entertainment helped pave the way for Lesnar to cross over from scripted to real combat, and the experience has proved invaluable.

“I’ve done a gazillion interviews," explained Lesnar. "This is probably somewhere in the thirties of pay-per-views that I’ve participated in. I’ve headlined and main evented probably 25 pay-per-view events.

“This isn’t my first rodeo. I enjoy it. And I’m not saying that, being a pompous prick about it, but these are the facts and this is just what it is.

“I’ve got no nerves, no jitters coming into this fight. I’m well prepared and without the WWE I wouldn’t be as prepared as I am now as far as dealing with the press and dealing with the visibility, so it’s a good thing.”


I don't see Shane freezing up under the pressure either.

How do you get used to handling pressure when you always know who's gonna win ahead of time?

just askin

Mister Saigon - your troll wasn't even funny.

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There's an article with a source from a respected mma website.

BUFFGEO - How do you get used to handling pressure when you always know who's gonna win ahead of time?

just askin

Your still performing athletically in front of crowds that are bigger then will be at the UFC and in front of a world wide ppv audience.

Yes you know who is going to win and lose but the wrestling still has to take place.

this ain't shanes 1st rodeo. he'll be fine.