Brock on Fedor's fight!

 fedor looked like a chubby 230lber.. I would take his WAMMA belt and shove it up his ***!!

-brock lesner

who is this lesner you speak of.

brock lesner does not fear any man or his peepers

"it looked like a couple of guys went at it outside a waffle house"

-UFC champion brock lesner

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"What are my thoughts on Fedor/Rogers?? I don't know... I missed the fight cause I was staring at this penis on my chest!"

-UFC Chumpion, Brock "the cock" Lesnar

 I'd fight Fedor mono y mono.


NorthFromHere - Source or ban for fake news.


Rogers > Brock
Brock has no power in his hands; can't finish shit.
I would say Rogers by KO round 1

lesnar cant beat rogers

"BRB, Roid cycling and pretending I have mono."


"Fedor and Rogers' titties are almost as big as mine! NO FAIR!" - UFC Champ, Brock Lesnar

gangsta101 - Fedor can fight the next guy who gets fired from Sams Club

the true fans of the sport know where the real contendors are

 I like your angle.

 the thing is, while rogers was changing tires at sams club, brock was fighting and traning with the best

 sign the dotted line fredo!

 "someone needs to teach this guy how to throw a proper punch... doesnt he break his hand in every fight?"

-UFC Champion Brock Lesner

A photo of Brock's reaction.

Blue namer, please?