Brock vs Fedor?!?!?!?

I'm going with Brock by suffocation!!

I'd like to see him fight Antonio Silva. I'm not sure how any regular-sized guys will be able to deal with these athletic guys at the upper end of the weight limit.

fedor should just give him the title now

I'd like to see him fight Antonio Silva.

Same here. about giving him a few years to develop

I don't know I mean Fedor is a cyborg

lol here we go....

Could Brock make wieght? Or will they match them up anyway?

I think Fedor would out cardio him, though I base this on absolutely nothing on Lesnars behalf.

Brock weighed 262, that's well within the HW limit.

Damn, 262? bring on Fedor!

Valliant1 makes logical points, but really, who wants to wait around 2 years watching Lesnar fight Warpath and Wiez on shit shows like this? He wants the top guys, we want to see him fight top guys, win-win.

Fedor by sub and Brock can't do shit about it.

he doesn't want a few years to develop he wants the title now

Fedor would make Brock cry.

I bet Lebron James if he got to blue belt level in BJJ and had 6 weeks of boxing lessons would beat Brock by submission.