Brock vs Mir III

This is looking likely. Mir on a high, Brock in an inactivity fuelled slump, who are you calling?

I would love to see this fight.

Brock by total annihilation.

You know Frank would be a UG fave if he pulled that shit on Brock's shoulder

Does Brock just have Mirs number? Now he knows kneebar defense anyway.

 Fuck Mir.  He got his ass whipped for every second of that fight till the last few seconds and then got up cocky like he owned the whole fight.  Minitoro lost that fight himself.  Should have held the top position and punched a knocked out Mir a few more times and took the win.  I'm sure he will be kicking the shit out of himself when he watches it.  But ya fuck Frank Mir.

Bregnan has kimura'd the correct. Phone Post

 Im astounded at how well Mir's gamble paid off. We dont usually see that Karo-style transition work that well.

He nearly had his back taken and then stayed with it when Nog went for a desperation roll.

I don't think Mir is strong enough to kimura brock unless he was already rocked.

Finger lock on the other hand......... Phone Post