Brokaw tastefully rapes Stelter & CNN -Full Eye Contact


That was outstanding. I’ll be sending that to many different people.

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Bump for the morning coffee crew

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No one cares what Jimmy dore thinks

187k views more popular than biden videos. Lol


Season 2 Reaction GIF by Insecure on HBO

Attacking the source is the sign of a weak mind


Jimmy Bore
Zero credibility

That’s a fact

Sure thing cenk

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Stelter is a BJJ brown belt.

He could probably beat up half the OG.

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censorship GIF

Yeah I don’t like libtards either. Welcome over to the good side.

Dore is just the wrong kind of libtard, he actually holds true to his values while being willing to assess and adjust them.
He’s a legit progressive. I disagree with most of what he believes in but I very much respect how he carries himself and presents his views.

That’s why the black Hoody crowd hate him.

But the video isn’t about Dore

That was Ted Koppel in the video not Tom Brokaw.

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Oh, sure… there’s always gotta be that guy…

Lol, you’re right. I think I had brokaw on the brain because I was remembering an annual AMG member book that used to come out every year and it had your contacts in it. I always thought it was funny that I had Brokaws # and he had mine.

Great video

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