Broken elbow/torn tricep

Anyone have experience with this? Recovery/return to training time? I am extremely bummed Phone Post

man that is a bummer. happen during training?

Good luck, hope you get back soon. Phone Post

ouch... sucks bro..

Did a sambo tournament Saturday and took a bad fall. I'll k ow the extent of the injury tomorrow. Been training 13 yrs with no major injury- guess my number was bound to come up eventually :( Phone Post

Sucks man, get well soon. Thats the thing I hate about throws, the injury rate is super high.

Ugh got MRI results - tricep tendon torn and ulnar collateral ligament. Anyone have any tips/advice for wiping ass/jerking it left handed?! Phone Post

Unlucky break man, sorry.

Shitty, best of luck in recovery. I tore the tendon in my pec. Was 2 to 3 months before I could spar normally (did not get surgery).

On the bright side of things, when you get back you can spar with one arm and still enjoy bjj so you should be able to get back to the mat pretty fast.

Happened twice (once on each elbow). BJJ each time. Surgery and recovery always sucks. You'll be in a half-cast 3-4 weeks, then a range-of-motion-limiting brace another 3-4 weeks. By that time, you should be pretty close to full ROM and will be ready to do some light PT. You can probably drill with partners you trust. Can start rolling, getting progressively more intense around 4.5 months, should be at full speed close to six months. Might still have some strength deficits, but additional strength training should erase that in a couple more months, but maybe up to a year.

Don't be a moron. Listen to your doc. Most orthos deal with sports injuries, so they understand the athlete mindset but it may pay to shop around and work both a doc and PT that cater to athletes. It won't make you heal faster, but they'll help you with questions and concerns.

Also, don't rush recovery and think that maybe you can change the parameters of your healing time. I thought I could, but nearly had to have it done a second time on one arm. Read up on nutrition prior and post surgery. Practice excellent hygiene of the incision site after surgery (like, don't try to shower too soon).

Spend your time training your mind with videos.

Continue to lift through recovery. Keep your core muscles in shape.

Sorry, rambling now. Let me know if I can provide more.

Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it Phone Post